Project Description

Fulfilling lives

Care UK is a national provider of residential care with a specialism in dementia care.

From site visits and interviews I conducted with staff it became clear that Care UK put a lot of effort into connecting with patients with dementia. It also became clear that every worker, including those not normally seen as ‘carers’ (like chefs, cleaners etc) all care. Delivering fulfilling lives for people with dementia is important. And working for a company that delivers fulfilling careers – because of training, development, career chances AND the chance to care too – was important. So we developed the proposition, fulfilling lives, fulfilling careers.

We’d tell the stories of residents and staff and the lengths gone to deliver fulfilling lives to both.

We achieved a monthly application rate increase of nearly 330% – from an average of 3,500 applications a month to 15,000. A particular area of focus was also Apprenticeships which achieved 3,000 applications in the first two weeks.

Art Direction. Photographer Gareth Gatrell